Our First Fiscal Year

Bermuda Shark Project

In our first fiscal year, The Dr. Neil Burnie Foundation (NBF) contributed funds towards The Bermuda Shark Project, which Dr. Neil Burnie had founded and now Choy Aming continues to run. The funds were used towards satellite tags and for the satellite monitoring of the sharks once they’ve been tagged. The research provides a better understanding of the sharks which are in the waters of Bermuda. In the upcoming year we look to continue our support to this program.



This Upcoming Year


The NBF is planning to donate funds this year in the summer to Waterstart which is an educational program run by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. Our funds will enable students to attend the program where they will learn about Bermuda’s marine environment and also finish the program with a PADI Scuba Certification.

Learn more about Waterstart here.





Kids On The Reef

The NBF has also made a commitment to sponsor the Kids on the Reef program for the Fall 2016 term which is run by the I Am Water Foundation and the Bermuda Zoological Society. This is an educational program that gives school children open water experience and an introduction to the local marine environment. The Dr. Neil Burnie Foundation will donate funds to help children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend. Learn more about Kids On The Reef here.


Aquarium Turtle Rescue: Daisy the Loggerhead Turtle

Another project we are excited about is funding the release of Daisy the Loggerhead Turtle. Loggerhead Turtles are an endangered species and Daisy was injured and had been captured by the Bermuda Aquarium and kept in their facilities to heal. The team at the Aquarium have given her shelter and food in order to be released later in June once the turbulent weather has calmed down and would be a better climate to release Daisy back to the wild. The funds the foundation donates will provide satellite tracking of Daisy for up to 6 months after her release. 


The NBF continues to look for future opportunities for supporting not only marine education and preservation initiatives, but also to support music education and programs in Bermuda as well. We would love to hear from you for any possible future opportunities we could be involved in.